Weeping Christians

Weeping Christians

‘I tell you the truth, you will weep and mourn while the world rejoices. You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy.’  John 16:20 (NIV)

There are many blessings that come to a true believer of Christ.  So many joyful discoveries and gifts from God are poured into their souls.  Yet at the same time the Christian who has set his or her sights on gazing one day on the face of the Lord, will carry at the same time a great burden within their heart.  They will know what the Saviour means when He speaks of weeping and mourning.  They will surely have a ready smile.  But in some corner of their heart they are secretly crying.  They are Christians who weep inside because of the separation which still exists between us and our Lord.

Many are the contradictions we find in true Christians.  They are fledglings born into a cruel world, yet they are of royal birth.   They are destined to soar with the angels even though in their current state they may hardly seem like much.  They are surely the receivers of all the promises of God.  Some of those promises they receive upon their first sweet discoveries of knowing God.  Others grow and strengthen as their walk with the Lord increases.  And still others they look forward to as the earth awaits the dawning of day.  All of these blissful joys sincere Christians hold dear to their hearts, but deep inside they are not yet complete.  It is like a mother awaiting the return of her son from war.  She may have other children who are still with her.  But part of her is missing.  Her joy and her rejoicing will come in full when that missing boy walks through her door and is finally home once more.

So it is with true Christians.  In some way they are holding their breath.  The world around them rejoices in its freedom of choices.  A world of delights is available.  Anything may be possible in this life for those who care to chase after those dreams.  But these Christians cannot join them in their jubilee.  True Christian have their eyes on the door.  They are secretly searching the horizons for a sign of their Saviour´s return.

Where do we find ourselves in this scene?  Have we searched our hearts lately?  What can we detect?  Are we living it up in our celebration of life?  Are we joining the crowd in their revelry?  Or can we sense the pain and sorrow of not being whole?  Is there still something vitally important that is missing on our scene?  Are we secretly dying inside for the gates to be swung open wide?  Are we excruciatingly aware that although we cling to our relationship with our Saviour, there is still ground to be gained?  Do we cry out with the pain of not being able to throw ourselves into His outstretched arms?  Will we rest not until we see Jesus face to face?  Are we the weeping Christians whose grief will turn to joy when we are finally in His Presence for good?

Dear Jesus,

Thank You for all the blessings You bestow.  Thank You for being near to us.  But do not let our hearts join the world in its celebration yet.  Let a song of praise and joy be on our lips.  But let us weep inside till we see You face to face.  Let our Godly sorrow work in us to bring a healthy attitude of seeking You.  Let our sorrow be that we are not able to see You fully.  Let us keep our hearts searching the heavens for the return of our loved One!  If we should weep, let it be tears that fall to see You more!


by S.D. Wonenberg

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