To Be Included

To Be Included

“Father, the time has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you. For you granted him authority over all people that he might give eternal life to all those you have given him.’  John 17:2 (NIV)

Jesus mentions a time that has arrived.  He asks for glory received for the high honor to return that glory.  He speaks of authority.  This authority is over our race.  He mentions the reason why authority is given.  It is given for the purpose of offering life to some.  But who are those blessed souls?  Who are the ones so rewarded by the Lord?  Of all the lofty concepts packed into one text, does the thought of these blessed ones who are given to Jesus perk our interest?  Do we just long to know who they are?  Are we included?

Would God place so much importance upon a people that were not significant to Him?  Would He give the authority unto His Son to hand over to them the right to live with Him forever if they meant little or nothing to Him?  If our infinitely wise and calculating God is choosing to reward a few cherished souls, then what is it about them that is so special?  Is it because they studied more than the next group?  Is it because their style of living or standards is higher?  Is it because their doctrine is more correct than their neighbor´s?  Is it because they were more cunning in their interpretation of the Scriptures?  Or could it be that these dear souls are closer to His heart?  Could the God Who has been seeking to have something with His people all through the ages, be wanting to reward those who truly wanted to know Him?  Would He desire to congratulate those who loved Him the most?  Are these the kind of worshippers He would want by His side throughout all eternity?  Has the Bible given us any encouragement that our God is like that?

The weight of all eternity rests upon what we are able to gleam from the teachings of Jesus.  To be less informed or misinformed, might cost us more than our lives.  If we are serious enough and concerned enough to be sure, then where can we go for enlightenment?  Where will we go?  Should we trot off to our local guru?  Should we seek out our wisdom on Google?  Will we trust our organized religious institutions to provide us our salvation?  Or will we take this seriously and use any and all available resources to direct us back to our Source?  Are we going to be the kind of seeker who does what it takes to get to know the Lord personally?  Are we going to go out of our way to get into His Presence while there is still time?

Would now be a good time to get down on our knees?  Could we look as deep into the Bible as we can?  Should we start examining our relationship with our Saviour?  How well do we know Him?  How close are we walking with Him right now?  Should we concern ourselves more on what we are facing today than what we ever did in the past?  Is where we stand in living experience today going to be more important to us than leaving it for some possible future day?  We might not have a tomorrow.  Should we get concerned enough now to make sure we are included?  Do we really want to be included in those who are given to Jesus?  Do we?

Dear Jesus,

There may be a lot we think we know.  There may be even more that we still have to learn.  But one thing looms over all else.  Are our names going to be on that list of people whom the Father gives unto You?  We want to grow so close to You now that we don´t need to wonder whether we will get to be with You forever.  We want to know You and walk so close to You that our future with You is made secure.  Help us to invest today in a relationship with You that will never end we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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