Really Living

Really Living

‘Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.’  John 17:3 (NIV)

There is a strong human desire that everyone has felt.  It is the longing for a better life.  Whether we are rich or poor, if we get honest and still long enough we can detect it.  It is the feeling that we just need a few more things to fall into line and then we will really be living.  Our list may be small.  Or our list of things that would make us happy could be a long one.  But we each have this list if we think about it.  Have we done so lately?

The words of Jesus come to us above the clamor of our modern materialistic society.  Most people do not care to hear.  Or if they do hear Jesus speak of an infinitely more fulfilling life, the words are strange to their ears.  He talks of a life that is not a temporary thing.  He speaks of a life that does not have to end after this short cycle of earthly life.  Here we are born, grow up, grow older and then we die at last.  Christ talks plainly about a life more abundant.  He presents us with the thought of a life completely apart from this one we live now.  We fill up this one with pleasant memories and with satisfying possessions.  The life Jesus speaks of is filled up with things that have no limit and no end.

There is no end to our God.  There are no boundaries for Him.  When we have learned a little of His size and greatness, there is infinitely more to learn.  When we have experienced a small measure of His love, we can be blown away again with some new revelation of the well that springs out of Him.  When we start to see the mighty ways He can move within us and in our lives, we begin to see that there is nothing that can limit Him.  All things are possible.  No restraints can be placed.  The entire universe cannot contain Him.  An eternity awaits those who look forward to those fantastic and astonishing discoveries of God.

As we approach the Lord we have a choice.  It is not merely a choice of whether or not to claim He exists or not.  It is a choice of what we want to become of our lives.  We can try to fill our short lifespan here with all the successes and possessions we can possibly accumulate.  Or, we could choose to pack this life we live with experiences, fellowship and discoveries of unlimited size and strength.  We can fill us our time here with our God Who has no bounds!  We can fill up our hearts and our souls with the limitless Wonder which personally can come to us!  We can fill our mind and thoughts with consideration for the Divine!   We can draw near in Spirit to the One Who inhabits eternity!  We can squeeze a love larger than the ocean into our frail hearts!  We can walk with and learn from the Teacher of all ages!  We can sit in the company of the Son of God!  This is really living!  Could we have lowered our sights a little?  Is it time to dream dreams once again of Heaven, the throne of God and eternity?  Or are we satisfied with letting our hearts desire the earthly successes?  Who of us wants to experience what it is to really live for God?

Dear Jesus,

We are all guilty of letting our eyes and our hearts focus on our current surroundings.  Please help us to lift our sights to God!  Help us to dream of You!  Let us set our hearts on limitless goals of knowing You!  Come work within our hearts.  Let us begin to sense the unlimited reaches of Your glory!  We want to know what really living with You is like!  Thrill us now with endless discoveries of You we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg

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