What Jesus Means

What Jesus Means

They kept asking, “What does he mean by ‘a little while’? We don’t understand what he is saying.”  John 16:18 (NIV)

When Is Jesus coming again?  Do we know?  Do we care?  Who has the clues?  Who studied up on them?  How important is it for us to know the times and dates set by God?  Is it worth our careful study?  Jesus spoke a lot about His leaving this world in flesh.  He told us clearly that He needed to go to the Father.  He also wanted us to know that our loss would not be forever.  He wanted the world to know that He would soon return.  He will make our joy complete.  But what is He talking about?  Do we still squabble over what He said?  Does each varying branch of Christianity hold a different version of what He was trying to say?  Do we still find ourselves like the Disciples, asking what does Jesus mean?

The story of Jesus is our story.  It is for us.  There are all kinds of characters and situations written there.  After all the time that has gone by we can still sit back and watch the story unfold.  It may be almost like looking into a mirror.  Here our instruction begins.  In this case we may see the Disciples as ourselves.  In other cases we may be acting more like the Pharisees or people who did less to trust in Christ and learn to love Him before all else.

Eternity is a pretty big subject.  We might not want to get it wrong.  Heaven is a blessing that no man has ever had the faculties to calculate its depth or worth.  But we know it is more wonderful than we can imagine.  Assuring that we are eligible may well be our highest goal in this lifetime.  God is huge!  He is more surprising than all the finest minds could paint Him to be!  Getting to know Him can only be mankind´s ultimate prize!  Jesus is our tie to the Father.  He came to be our Way.  He came to make all the other blessings possible.  In this lies His importance.  Without Him nothing is within reach.  Together with Him there is no limit?

We have been told that many will not take the time or care to consider.  But we also know that some will.  If so much hinges on whether or not we understand Jesus, should we press forward until we leave no room for doubt?  If we are just the sort of person who really cares, then what can we do?

Looking back into our story can we find Jesus teaching us still?  What did the Disciples do?  What did Jesus say and demonstrate?  Where did He lead?  If we pay attention, could He lead us too?

Jesus´ Disciples went to Him.  They got close to Him and they stayed there.  They listened.  They believed Him beyond what they were capable of assimilating.  They were honest.  They did not sit back in confidence in their own translation.  They did not hide behind their personal interpretations.  Are we like them?

What are we doing today about where we stand with God?  How close are we walking with His Son our Saviour?  Are we listening to Him in every step we take?  Are we bringing every question to Him?  Every time we are presented with a new or not-so-new consideration of our faith, where do we go with it?  Is it to Jesus?  Is He our final source, or are we?  Do we really want to know what Jesus means?

Dear Jesus,

What do You mean?  What can You mean for us?  Where do You want to go with each and every teaching?  We want to know!  We want to know You better each and every day!  Please leave us better informed of You and closer to You as our moments with You accumulate!  Help us to heap up the treasures we find in You now!  Help us to walk so close to You now that You can show us what You mean!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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