Before Our World Began

Before The World Began

‘And now, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began.’  John 17:5 (NIV)

Jesus prays.  He does so in a way that we can all witness.  It is like a window into the Heavenly dealings.  Can we see something that may interest us here?  What lofty concepts are we able to perceive?  As Jesus speaks with familiarity with the Father, how does it lift our awareness of Heaven?  Jesus mentions glory.  Is this something which is always present when contemplating God?  He speaks of being within the Presence of God.  Is that a subject that sparks our interest?  Is it the high goal we could also seek?  Would we love to experience what it is like to be right there in the very Presence of our Heavenly Father?  Then Jesus mentions a time before the world began.  What can the thought of that moment do for us today?

What if we could stretch our imaginations enough to view this time that Jesus speaks of?  What if we were able to see in our mind´s eye the Father and the Son together way before our universe was designed and brought into existence?  What would we see?  Is there any Way that an attempt might lift our impression of God?  Could we find a helpful attitude of wonder if our praise could search for impressions beyond our worldly experience?  We would have to use familiar earthly examples to assist our imaginations.  But even if we did, would we be able to gain some blessed awareness of our Lord somehow?

If we were to try to envision, would we see One like a Father and One like a Son?  Would They be in direct relation to One Another?  Would They be able to see, sense and commune with enjoyment and comfortable ease?  Do we get the impression that it pleases Them to be in the company of the Other?  Are They close in heart and Spirit?  Do we think that there is a strong bond of love and respect?  Could they reveling in the Presence of the Other as we enjoy being in the presence of one we love?  Does their closeness, give us a reassurance beyond words?  Are we comforted at the thought of Father and Son together getting ready for when we would arrive on the scene?  Does it thrill us to think of Deity working in unity and purpose for a marvelous outcome for our race?

Perhaps our imagination will not do justice to all the love, care and planning that must have gone on before our universe was brought into being.  Perhaps we cannot find a suitable vision to bring glory and honor to the God we serve.  But is there any Way that we can be drawn nearer to Jesus our Friend and Guide by embracing His testimony of ancient times?  Can we bow at the feet of our Saviour and let our spirits wonder after Him?  Would our wonder and awe at the words and thoughts of God help us to lean further upon Him?  Does it place us in some Way in a better position relative to Him?  Could we be drawn nearer to His heart?  Could we also find ourselves closer to being in His Presence?  Can Jesus´ mention of before our world began bring us closer to the Father even now?

Dear Jesus,

We may still lack what it takes to see clearly the Heavenly vision.  But there are so many lofty thoughts that throw us further upon You.  Assist our wondering spirits.  Let us contemplate our God.  Teach us today of the marvels of our Lord.  Let Your words of a time where You were with the Father before our world began; bring us surely nearer to You.  Draw us ever closer to the moment when we can experience the unimaginable joy of being in the Presence of God!


by S.D. Wonenberg



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