The World´s Or God´s

The World´s Or God´s

‘I pray for them. I am not praying for the world, but for those you have given me, for they are yours.’  John 17:9 (NIV)

Jesus makes a sharp distinction when He is talking to His Father about people.  Do we?  Our Saviour does nothing off-hand ever!  Christ never throws words around without a purpose.  Do all His words serve to lift our hearts and understandings always towards God?  Can we see that this is what He is forever doing?  We of the Christian faith proclaim to be His followers.  We tell the world with a loud voice that we are children of the Kingdom of God.  We set ourselves apart from the rest. We are at odds with them at times.  Should we think that this is only where our opinions of Deity lie?  Should our distinction from any other person be only over a higher standard of living?  When Jesus speaks of a people set apart, who is He really describing?  Is it us?

The first thing that may come into most of our heads is to defend our brand of religion.  We would readily stand up to make sure that the church we have placed our faith in is legitimate and worth our devotion. However essential it is to belong to a family of believers, it should never replace our position with God.  We all need Jesus!  We need Him before we can give any loyalty to anything else.  He is our Lord and Saviour.  He alone can bring us to God.  Our church is not a substitute.  Our beloved fellow believers are our companions and should be cherished.  But they can never take precedence over our walk with Christ.  Every believer no matter where they stand in time, or geographic location, needs to place themselves before the Lord.  They need to do it increasingly more often.  We need to all grow closer daily.  We need direct contact with the Saviour, or we are in peril.

The distinction exists.  We can trust Jesus when He draws our attention to it.  Some are given to God and to His Son.  Some are given to following Christ in all urgency.  Some are given to seeking Him even before the distractions of our times.  Some will lose sight of Him during their day.  Others will press hard to find Him despite the pressures we each experience.  Jesus prays for us!  He knows who is given unto Him.  He knows which ones are actually given to seeking God.  He knows who it is that He is talking about.  He knows that some will let their sights fall on something less than making it into the Presence of God.  He knows who is getting sidetracked with the world.  He knows if we are focusing on our lives here or if we are turning our backs on one to seek the other.  He knows who those aching souls are that will seek out a quiet place to come before the Lord.  Does He know what is going on in our hearts right now?

So what is it going to be for us today?  Are we going to sit on one side or the other?  We can choose to please God.  We can choose to truly give ourselves to Him.  Or we can merely state it.  We can go on to make sure there is ground gained in our lives right now.  Or we could let the world entice us.  We could remove our eyes from the Heavenly Vision.  Or we could choose to rest not until we are sure that we are truly given to God!  Are we going to be His right now?

Dear Jesus,

You speak of some that are given to You and are truly God´s.  Please let that define us!  Let nothing get in our Way!  We want to be consumed with You!  Fill our hearts!  Fill our souls!  Fill up our vision until it is impossible for us to see anything else unless we look first through You!  Let those of the world chase after the world.  But let us belong only to You and the Father now we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg



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