While I was with them, I protected them and kept them safe by that name you gave me. None has been lost except the one doomed to destruction so that Scripture would be fulfilled.   John 17:12 (NIV)

This is the prayer of Jesus.  He is going to be with the Father.  But before He goes He wants us to be aware of some important points of our reality.  We cannot see directly into Heaven with our natural eyes.  We cannot see the dangers that could be setting traps for our souls right here on earth.  There is still so much that the followers of the Lord must simply trust Jesus for.  We who claim to love Him will have to take His word for where we stand.  We must believe Him when He tells us to be watchful.  We will need to lean upon the One Who can see what we don´t.  We will need Jesus to surely take us where He would have us go.  We will need to be with Him.

Dark and devious intentions may creep in at any given moment.  The Christian walks here on earth right through the enemy´s territory.  Pitfalls, ambushes and infiltrations are the norm.  All of which are designed to get the better of us.  All of which are intended that we never know what hit us.  Every one of the Devil´s tricks would reduce or remove our chances of making it home to the Father.  The evil in the world will not rest easy knowing that some have escaped their trickery.  It is therefore essential that we listen to Jesus when He hints of the unseen dangers.  It is eternally vital to our spiritual health that we are close enough to Him that He can help us.

Jesus says that while He was amongst His followers He protected them.  The Presence of Jesus provides a safe haven.  Evil is not allowed its complete sway.  Where there is Jesus, it is a safe place.  Close to Him is where we will be protected.  Jesus has a name that was given to Him.  In that name the power of God rests.  In that name Heaven is activated.  In the name of the Son of God miracles happen.  Lives are changed.  People are healed.  We are restored unto God.  If we can get close enough and fully enough into His Presence, marvelous changes can be made inside of us.  Righteousness that is not our own is moved into play.  Strength that is not our own is quickened into life.  Power that comes directly from our Saviour is with us as we draw near to Him.  Where else on earth could we go if we truly care to have any hope for a future?

All the promises of God also hinge on where we stand with Christ.  It is not the knowing that helps us.  It is not a loud proclamation of accordance that will put us in a secure place.  The only safety we can ever have is to be found in Him.  We need to get this straight quickly or we are already in danger.  We need to get extremely close to Jesus!  We need to get so close that He can keep us safe!  We need to be right where He is each moment of every day if we want Him to protect us!  Is this what we are doing?  Is this how we can call ourselves Christians?  Is being close to Jesus what makes us feel safe today?  Is with Him where we are now?

Dear Jesus,

Draw us near to You today.  There with You is the only place we will ever truly be safe.  Open Your arms wide and let us enter that embrace that will make our lives secure.  There with You is where we want to be today and throughout all eternity to come! 


by S.D. Wonenberg


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