Sanctifying Truth

Sanctifying Truth

‘They are not of the world, even as I am not of it.  Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth.’  John 17:16-17 (NIV)

We see Our Savior walking upon the earth with His eyes on God.  His heart never leaves its focus for one minute.  Jesus remains true to His mission and His ministry.  He lives out what He preaches.  Would we like to be able to say the same?  What if we could walk out of step with the world where we live?  What if we did not go through our day chasing the delights and comforts of our time?  Is Jesus telling us that His prayer could be for us who will walk with our eyes on God?  Could it be us who hold up our hearts to Him in all that we do?  Could it be us who make an effort now to direct ourselves this completely to Him?  Would we come ever closer to Heaven if we could join Jesus in His walk that is not of the world?  Would we like to be one of those He prays to God for?  Would we like to experience God sanctifying us by The Truth?

Not only does Jesus show us what kind of disciple He is praying for, but does He also tell us how they are purified and what is used to accomplish it?  Christ beseeches God for the sanctification.  The petition of the Son of God is that the Truth of God cleanses them.  What Is true and good shall affect these trusting souls.  Does it sound as if a change is involved?  Does it seem that by being near what is Right in a world of wrong there is miraculous transformation to be had?  Does is sound like Truth can come and correct what holds people from God?  Could this come from diving into the Word of God and living in it as a fish in the sea?  Could we find our nourishment there?  Will we find what will purify us and cleanse us there?  Is the Truth we find in the Bible capable of bringing us into a life-giving relationship with the Lord?  Will the deeper we plunge into the Scriptures bring us closer to God?  Will our total envelopment in consciously seeking the One they call the Truth and the Way, surely work its wonder in sanctifying us?  Can coming into a closer and more meaningful walk with Jesus open our eyes to The Truth?

As we look around at our situation today, do we find many who fit Jesus´ description of those He is praying for?  Is there anything we might be able to do about our situation?  Who could we encourage now?  Is there anyone we come into contact with that might benefit from truthfully coming to know Jesus?  Would we like to invite them to step out of the world´s parade and look above it?  Could a stronger and more meaningful relationship with Jesus on our part be the best testimony we could give?  If God was moving in us through our deep and utter plunge into the Truth, would those who see the power of the Lord working in our lives find a sea of hope?  If Jesus´ prayer could place us deeper into the sanctifying Truth, would we be powerful witnesses to Him?  Who wants to dive into that kind of Truth?  Are we going to let precious minutes slip away?  Or can we rush to our knees at the very feet of Sanctifying Truth now?

Dear Jesus

We come to You.  We come not as the world comes.  We are not here to see only what we can gain.  We come to You to know The Truth.  We come near to You now with our hearts because something inside of us senses our need to be sanctified.  For this end we will turn our backs on what the world will say.  We want to know God!  We want to know the Son Who paid for us!  We want to dive so deep into knowing our Saviour that we are forever changed!  So let Your prayer to the Father include us too!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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