One With God

One With God

‘That all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.’  John 17:21 (NIV)

We Christians may tend to think that our brand of Christianity is the correct one and that the “other” denominations have somehow got it wrong.  Praise be to God above that we are not the judge or the jury over whether our brothers and sisters have found less truth than we have.  Our call is not to pick at our neighbor, nor to call the kettle black.  Our calling is to first turn ourselves to God.  Our call is to seek the Son of God our Saviour Jesus Christ.  Our call is to follow Him at the cost of our own egos.  Our call is to look past the world´s bickering and to get close enough to Him that His salvation can cover us.  If we are doing this, how much of our efforts will be left over for throwing stones at the church down the street?  If we are busying ourselves with learning to love as He does, then how could we ever shun or think less of another sinner like us who is making their own effort to approach the Lord?

When Jesus prays for us to become one, He is not saying that we will all put down our doctrinal differences.  He is not saying that we will suddenly all see that our forms of worship, service and conduct should line up with the rest.  He is saying that those who truly seek the Lord will be of the same mind.  Their Goal is of the same purpose.  Their center is 0ne and the same.  Jesus speaks of Children who look to the same Father.  He talks of people who have the same Saviour.  He prays for a kind of Christian who is not inventing their own imaginary God, but humbly searches their Bibles to find Him there.  He talks of followers who get down on their knees and honestly hold their entire souls up as an offering to the Lord.  This kind of worshipper, Christ can gladly bring before God.  This type of Christian is already becoming tuned to all others who are seeking the Lord as intently as they are.  Regardless of what our churches may look like, in our hearts we can be coming together in the God we love.

The denominational organizations may never see eye to eye.  But true Christians can become one in Him.  Real worshippers of God can become children of Heaven not by their earthly differences, but by walking close to the same One Who is with God.  Like climbers of the same mountain, we can surely come closer as we near the same Summit.  The question we each must ask ourselves is, “Are we really one of those who are seriously seeking to be one with God?”

Dear Jesus,

Please help every one of us not to rest wherever we stand.  Impress upon our hearts an urgency to climb higher up the mountain of the Lord.  Let us grow steadily closer to being one with our brothers and sisters everywhere as we all grow closer and nearer to You!  Help us all set the Lord as our Goal and never settle for a lower plain.  Guide us and help us in our upward journey as we follow Your footsteps and edge ever closer to Your side.  Assist our souls as we all as one make our hearts desire to be one with the one true God we pray.


by S.D. Wonenberg



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