Drink The Cup

Drink The Cup

Jesus commanded Peter, “Put your sword away! Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?”  John 18:11 (NIV)

Christ´s Disciples once again manage to see the passing world instead of God at work.  The great plan of redemption is reaching its crucial moments.  The labor pains have started and the Lord is about to give birth to redemption.  But Peter strikes out against the situation.  He does not see where the Lord is going with this obviously bad situation.  And neither do we.

We feel the pain.  We see only the dangers.  We get scared or upset.  The mob is closing in around us.  The world has got us trapped.  It looks to us through our earthly eyes that there is no escape.  But are we so blind?  Can we not see that Jesus is right here with us?  Can we not see that it is not our duty to lash out to protect ourselves?  Where have we been called to look?  Who are we supposed to be focusing on?  Would we be a lot safer if we turned to Him?  Would we be infinitely stronger and more prepared for our situation if we kept our eyes on Jesus?  Would we be better able to see what good God is working on through our moment of strife if we could restrain ourselves and not rush ahead of the Son of God?  Would we be a better follower if we maintained our focus upon our Lord?

The words of Jesus are reassuring.  We have our tendency, but He has only faith to impart unto us.  He says to put our swords away.  He says that God is at work.  He lets us know in few words that we have not been overlooked.  He wants us to know that this bitter cup before us should be our blessing to take.  Anything that God would have us take is eternally more beneficial to us than what we might choose in our ignorance.  One step towards God in faith will get us immeasurably further than all the frantic running we might do on our own.

Jesus was arrested.  We could also be arrested.  They treated Him cruelly.  We too might be mistreated.  They falsely accused Him and they had Him killed.  There is no way of knowing what terrible things may still lay ahead for us.  Yet the One we say we follow tells us that He will drink the cup that the Father has for Him.  Is it time we put away our swords?  Could we fall in step with our Master?  Could we accept His attitude and His determination as our own?  Could we seek to have His nature find a home within us?  Could we arm ourselves and face our diseases, our ailments, our lack of funds, and any opposition that confronts us not with our focus on those things?  Could we keep our eyes and our hearts upon Him and drink whatever cup the Father might have for us right now?

Dear Jesus,

We stubbornly misjudge our situation.  We fail to take into account what God may be working on around us today.  Please help us to keep our focus upon how near we are to You.  Keep us so enveloped and enthralled with our walk with You that we are happy to suffer whatever distress may befall us.  With You by our side we can weather the storm.  With You by our side we can drink the cup the Father has even if we do not see why.


by S.D. Wonenberg


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