They Bound Him

They Bound Him

Then the detachment of soldiers with its commander and the Jewish officials arrested Jesus. They bound him  John 18:12 (NIV)

Turn the clock back about a hundred years and what can we see?  Can we see a difference between how our leaders used the name of God back then and how they use it now?  Have we seen any decline in a fine and definitive God portrayed?  Did they use His name in a more sacred manner back in the day?  Have we seen a shift to a more human representation of the Almighty?  Do they still use His name when they see fit, but cleverly reduce it to suit their purposes and make them look good?  Back in the old days, does it seem like the number of God-fearing Christians who held offices was a little higher? Are our leaders now repeating something that has happened before?  Have they found a way to bind our Lord once again?

It may be a subject which may interest all to some degree.  But rather than divert our attention to dig up filth or point fingers, could we take the concept as a whole and use it to test the caliber of our own hearts?  Can we attempt seeing beyond ourselves and into the lofty plans of God? Do we find He already has informed us that this would happen?  Just as Jesus told His Disciples that He would be taken and killed, has He given us sufficient warning that in the latter days men and women would forget God?

To those of the burning soul, the awareness of our times is a reminder to return to our knees.  Those Christians, who take serious the eternal condition of their heart, will want to check themselves.  Could we all go again to our Bibles with the intention of finding ourselves there?  Could we dive in like we could into the sea?  Could we swim in the great depths of the Lord as the fish who live in the ocean?  Could we let the words wash over us and make us clean?  Could we let the currents sweep us inevitably closer to the Lord we find in the Scriptures?  Could we work with the tides that wash us steadily towards the shores of Heaven?  Can Jesus be the Life-ring that holds us up and draws us to safety?  Will He still bring us ever nearer to the God we claim to love?

The choice is ours.  We can give in to the current decline of Christ’s sovereignty in our times.  Or we can exalt our Lord with a fresh and determined fervor.  We can check the direction of our own hearts.  We can weigh the weight of our love for Him.  We can pray in honesty to be shown our true intentions.  We can ask Him to show us which way we are really heading.  We can repent in humble reverence.  We can turn from ourselves.  We can come to the Living Water.  We can draw near to Jesus.  Only then will we know where we stand with Him.  Only then will we know who it is that is doing the binding.  Only then will we see if WE are they who have bound Him!

Dear Jesus,

Our times do not lend themselves to humility.  We are like a fish out of water when we try to humble ourselves.  But this is just what we want to do in Your Presence today.  Accept our feeble gesture.  Make whatever allowances You need to make within our hearts.  We want to lift You up!  We want to exalt You to Your rightful place of honor.  We want to worship You and love You with the love You have shown us.  We want to be grateful for all You have done to bring us together.  We want to praise You and not to bind You or reduce You in any way!  Please forgive us for ever leaving You held within the pages of our Bibles.  Forgive us for locking You away in ancient History.  Come alive in our hearts now!  Feel free to lead us where You will and never be bound accept in the love we share!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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