When Pilate heard this, he was even more afraid, and he went back inside the palace. “Where do you come from?” he asked Jesus, but Jesus gave him no answer.  John 19:8-9 (NIV)

Some people want to see Jesus dead.  They want Him out of the scene.  They do not want to adjust themselves to what He stands for.  They do not want this complication in life.  They react violently.  They would crucify the Son of God to get Him out of the picture.  Because of Christ´s claim on God, His part in Deity, the worldly man tries to escape the implicated responsibility.  If Jesus is allowed to continue with this right to the Royal Family of God, then how in the world can they continue along their accustomed path?  No longer are they the chiefs?  No longer can we puff ourselves up.  No longer can we pat ourselves on the back.  No!  It is when the Son of God shows up on the scene when we have to check ourselves!  It is when Christ is actually here amongst us that we have to examine our religion.  When Jesus is involved, man is no longer the big cheese!  Pilate got scared when his predicament began to dawn upon him.  How are we reacting today?

Before Pilate, Jesus had to go.  This was the ordained path God needed to take to correctly pay for the waywardness of mankind.  Jesus gives no answer.  To the cross He goes.  He lays down His life knowing that not all will repent.  Not all will take the matter seriously.  Some may pay their respects to formal religion.  Some may even make a half-sincere effort to bring themselves to terms with God.  But the sad reality is that few will be left who press forward.  Few will allow the Presence of Jesus change it all.  Pilate washes his hands.  The Jews succeed in making Jesus die for them.  They execute not only the Son, but their chances of salvation.  They manage to do away with anything they could have with the Eternal.  In their reluctance to let God enter their scene, they banish themselves from His scene.  But are we still doing this now?  Every time we push off our responsibility to God, do we send Him off to die?  Do we kill our chances of ever repenting?  Do we crucify our hope of having anything at all to do with the Lord?

Jesus is faithful to the Father.  He goes through with God´s plan.  He does not hesitate to give up His life in the hopes of saving us.  He rises to glory!  To the right hand of God He goes.  What can we detect within our hearts?  Is there anything that is holding us back from embracing His Presence in our lives?  Are there any adjustments to Him that we are refusing to make?  Is our religion telling us that we don´t need to come into personal contact with Jesus?  Is our church removing the importance or overlooking the fact that God is here right now?  Is it our peers, family or friends, who just refuse to see the urgency of our moment?  Or is it our own ambitions that prevent us from drawing near to our Saviour now?  Is it our world, our lives, our busy schedules that are keeping us tragically far from the Lord?  Should we be asking Jesus where He is coming from now?  Should we be the ones who are afraid today of not receiving an answer?

Dear Jesus,

Should we be concerned about where we stand with You?  Are we really and honestly coming to You?  Please do not remain silent.  Silence from You is excruciating.  Let Your true servants draw near now even in our busy times.  Let us seek Your Presence!  Let us seek Your face!  Let us come to You for all our answers!  But never let us rest until we hear direct from You!  Fill us with a healthy fear so we will be afraid to miss hearing from You now we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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