Given From Above

Given From Above

Jesus answered, “You would have no power over me if it were not given to you from above. Therefore the one who handed me over to you is guilty of a greater sin.”  John 19:11 (NIV)

Would our spiritual life, and consequently our every-day life become infinitely less complicated if we could just get one thing straight?  If we get it into our understanding that literally everything is either allowed or not allowed by God, would our whole existence become simpler?  God is good.  His intentions for us are better than even our own aspirations.  We who see only what gratifies us or satisfies our temporary desires are not qualified to know the marvelous plans our Creator has in store for us.  We have not stepped one foot within His Paradise.  We have not once laid eyes on His unfathomable glory.  How could we ever dream of the delights and thrills He has planned for those who would draw close enough to Him to experience?  Yet we are forever trying to alter His agenda.  We stubbornly refuse to work along with Him.  When will we ever learn?  When will we ever see that what is given from above is what is needed in God´s eyes?

Perhaps before we accuse anyone of stooping to go against God, we should assume that they may not be aware that God does have the best intentions for us.  There may be believers throughout the world who have not yet made that discovery.  For those poor souls we can only encourage them to return to their Bibles.  We could urge them to study with an eye to see what the people in the Scriptures chased after and compare that with the blessings God gave.  Perhaps then they may see the love and grace of God shown more clearly.  Perhaps then they would see that God blessed men and women not because they deserved it but because He loved them and wanted to look after His children.

But there are some who have seen that what God can bless us with is far better than what we could hope for.  There are some who know that even while we are not yet deserving He is already working out His rewards for us.  That these rewards are not, and should not be merely physical treasures, should need no explanation.  Some of the finest blessings a true follower will know are those blessed moments spent with their Lord, with loved ones or discovering new thrills of their Lord.  For these genuine souls the blessings can surely follow.  God is more than pleased to work in and around such trusting children.  Even should we find struggles or pain within our path, we are somehow able to keep our eyes upon Him.  Even if our treasured goals are shot down or torn away from us, we are able to hope in the One Who loves us.  Even if we are forgotten or oppressed, we can rejoice knowing that the God Who made us and allowed His Son to die for us, is using this opportunity to bring us surely together.  These are the blessed ones!  These are the ones who know that what they are experiencing, whether soaring or whether crying, is given from above to bring glory to His name!  These will be the ones left standing by His side!  These are those given to Jesus by the Father Himself!  Do we want to be one of these?

Dear Jesus,

Teach us again!  Help us to see!  Let us get past our poor sight!  Help us see that God is at work!  Let us realize that the things we face in life are placed there for a reason!  Let us learn that it is even for this moment that we were born!  Let us understand that all eternity rests upon how we take it and Who we are drawn to through this experience!  Then, when we finally see that this is happening to bring us together, let us begin to celebrate Your blessed care!  Let us revel in the all that is given to us from above!  Thank You for bringing us ever closer to God!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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