Shouting About Our King

Shouting About Our King

But they shouted, “Take him away! Take him away! Crucify him!” “Shall I crucify your king?” Pilate asked. “We have no king but Caesar,” the chief priests answered.  John 19:15 (NIV)

He is more than a bit scared.  Pilate knows he is treading on thin ice.  Perhaps deep in his heart he can sense a bit of the importance of the Man Whose life is in question.  His gut is telling him that this is not an ordinary situation.  This will come back upon him someday.  So he is worried that the crowd is about to do away with the One that they will regret having killed.  But he can see no other way out.  So he hands Jesus over to the shouting mob.  They are all worked up.  They are shouting.  “Take Him away!” they say, “Crucify Him!”  So Pilate responds one last time, “How can I crucify your King?”  But they shout all the more.  “We have no king but Caesar!”  Their actions shout along with them.  Jesus is definitely not their King.  Is He ours?

It has been said that actions speak louder than words.  For the Jews, their actions were speaking even louder than their shouts.  They would have no more of Jesus.  They wanted Him out of the picture!  They wanted Him gone!  They did not want to wait any more!  They were shouting that Jesus was not their King.  Their actions demonstrated it too!  They claimed allegiance to Caesar.  Their behavior showed that they served anything besides our Saviour.  Does it have to come to this?  Does it always have to come to shouting about who we serve?  Who is our King?  What are our actions declaring?  Could we too somehow be screaming to take Him away?  Could we be guilty of crucifying our King?  Is the message that comes from us to others telling them that we stand by our King?  Or are we like the Jews that day?

We might not always be aware of the situation we face today.  Christ still stands on trial in the hearts of many.  Our actions will speak louder than our words.  We have an obligation to our King.  But what exactly do we serve?  Who do we pledge our allegiance to?  Is it our job?  Is it to all those possessions we just got to have?  When we don´t say anything at all, what are people reading from us?  Pilate got the picture loud and clear.  Jesus was not the King of the Jews who were shouting to take Him away from their scene.  Has anything changed for us?  Do we really want Jesus to be here in our scene today?  Do we really want to bow to Him with our entire lives?  What are we shouting about?  Are we choosing those other things in our lives as our King?  Or is it this quiet, soft-spoken Friend of ours Whom we need over all else?  Is it Jesus we turn to as the world shouts around us?  Who will be our King today?  Who or what is it now?  When we don´t even open our mouths today, will we be demonstrating Who we choose?  Will we be shouting about our King?

Dear Jesus,

We live in noisy times.  Everyone has their agendas.  Everyone serves the things they choose.  But we are concerned.  We turn to You.  We bow to our knees.  We come humbly seeking You.  We need to know out of a deep need within that our hearts bow only to You.  We need to know that these hearts are truly Yours!  Please allow us into Your Presence!  Give the word that we can approach You now!  There with You, we will truly be Yours!  You will be our King!  We will be Your servants!  Let this crazy world shout.  But let all that we are shout as well, but let us shout about our King!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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