Here they crucified him, and with him two others–one on each side and Jesus in the middle.  John 19:18 (NIV)

They did it!  They finally got their way!  They achieved what they wanted to do.  They got Jesus out of their picture.  He is finally out of the scene for them; at least this is what they think.  How can you kill the Everlasting?  How can we really do away with Deity?  Those poor misinformed Jews thought that they would never again have to look at where they stood with Jesus.  But were they only fooling themselves?  They crucified the miracle performing Teacher.  But was it a farce to think they would never have to stand before the Almighty and give account of what they did with His Son?  The people who wanted Jesus out of their lives did manage to crucify Him.  But was it only to themselves that the real crucifixion was made?  Was it actually their chances to receive the pardon He came to pay that was really crucified?

The clock keeps ticking.  The times change.  We live in a different age altogether.  But in spiritual terms how much progress has been made?  Do we still find men and women today going to great lengths to avoid coming to terms with the Son of God?  Are people just as set upon getting our Saviour out of the immediate picture so they can enjoy this life as they choose?  Is it much more appealing today for people to let Jesus hang on His cross neatly set between the two thieves of time and distance?  Is it easier to hear sermons and read stories of some place far away and so long ago?  Are we more able to enjoy our own pursuits if we can make it so that Jesus is not right here with us now?  Are we today just as effective at crucifying Him to us?  Could it be that it is our hearts that we are fooling when we point accusing fingers at others who crucified Jesus?

It does not have to be this way.  We can take a completely different path.  We can choose a different Way to be.  We can work along with the Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son as they continue with their age-old plan.  We can join Heaven as it prepares the children of God for their triumphant return.  There is still time left for us as long as we don´t let time fool us into thinking there will always be some.  We don´t have to let distance steal from us our chance to be saved.  Those thieves can be hung on their crosses instead of our chance to be near to our Saviour right here and right now!  We can have a risen Saviour for our hope!  We can have Jesus for our dearest Friend!  We can live and walk with the Son of God each moment of every day!  Shall we ask the Lord to turn the story around for us?  Shall we change what is crucified to us in our lives?

Dear Jesus,

We don´t want anything to take away our chances of coming fully to You today.  Do not let anyone to rob us of that thrill and that blessing!  Help us to draw near to You now so that distance does not steal our chances of being with You!  Help us to make all haste to the urgent call today so that time does not snatch from us the joy of walking with You!  Do not let us fool ourselves!  You already paid the price!  The crucifixion has already been made.  Now let us step forward by Your side!  Let neither time nor distance be our thieves.  But rather let Your crucifixion turn them into our best friends as we envelope ourselves in our close and constant walk with You today!



by S.D. Wonenberg


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