The Sign

The Sign

Pilate had a notice prepared and fastened to the cross. It read: Jesus of Nazareth, the king of the Jews.  John 19:19 (NIV)

Call it a joke, call it intuition, call it whatever our little voice tells us, these are the words Pilate placed upon the sign.  The Jews did not like it.  They tried to have it changed.  Over the centuries that have followed the sign still states its words.  Picture a cross and our Saviour hung upon it and we can picture this notice.  The words tie Jesus to a Kingdom.  They place Him as the Lord of some.  Those who were completely immersed in crucifying Jesus were the very ones mentioned in the notice.  But they were the last to believe that He was their King.  We here today may not be Jews, Greek or Roman, but there are some who would have that sign speak of them.  Who are they?  Is it us?  Are we the ones who want nothing more than to have the sign tie us to our Lord?

In a way we all have a sign fashioned and hanging over us.  Others can and do read all about us.  All they need to do is pay attention to the signs.  Some may try to conceal their true identity.  Some may try to mascaraed under a different sign.  But pay attention to the signs and we can learn most everything we need to know about people.

What is our sign?  What do we have hanging there labeling us?  What is it that others can read about us?  Can they very easily see that we are followers of Christ?  Is the one that is over our heads mounted on fine pillars of marble and polished brass?  Does it speak of fine earthly achievements?  Or is our sign a simple one?  Is it nailed to a cross much like that of our Master´s?  Do we carry it around with us always?  Does it really tie us to Him?  Does the sign people read of us link us forever to our Lord and Saviour?  Can they read that we are His followers?  Jesus´ sign tells the world throughout the ages that He is the King of some.  Will our sign do the same by telling the universe that we are His subjects?  Will we be those who are mentioned in His sign that still declares His Royal Heritage?  Does His sign define us today?  Are we written there together with Him in the sign for all eternity to come?

Dear Jesus,

Please tell us that we have our part with You!  Our aching hearts will stand no less!  We need to hear directly from You that we form part of Your Kingdom.  Others scoff.  Others will always refuse to let the sign speak of them.  But we would let it mark us to the core. Help us in any way we may still need, to pick up our crosses.  Help us shoulder our death to the world.  Let us gladly take up our sign too.  Just let our sign tie us to You!  Let Your sign tie You to us now!    And let us forever look to You, the Sign of the Love of God we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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