Go With The News

Go With The News

Mary Magdalene went to the disciples with the news: “I have seen the Lord!” And she told them that he had said these things to her.  John 20:18 (NIV)

Jesus has risen.  He shows Himself to Mary.  He asks her to share the news of the marvelous movements of God.  He asks her to go and tell the Disciples of her encounter with the Prince Who conquered the grave.  She is faithful to her Master´s wish.  She goes to Jesus´ followers and reports to them of what she has seen of the Saviour.  She testifies to what He has said to her.  Should we think that it is different with us?  Should we think that our Lord would like us to go on from our experience with Him and share it with others?  Could others be comforted by hearing that Jesus is alive?  Could there be people out there with troubled hearts that need to know that God is moving still?  Might it be the duty of those who have come close to Jesus and experienced Him personally, to go with the news of Jesus to God´s children scattered throughout the world?

“Ahh!” we say, “I can see where this is going.”  We could think that this gives us a mission to fill our churches with new converts.  But is that what Mary does?  Surely there have been newly converted Christians who have been greatly encouraged by Mary´s experience with Jesus.  But to place the emphasis on winning numbers to come to church might just rob many good people from the healing benefit it could bring to us all.  We humans have a tendency to learn something once and then pack it away in storage in some corner of our memory.  We settle a matter or a question we have and then move on.  But in spiritual terms we cannot afford to set anything we have to do with God aside.  All that we have with the Lord needs to be fresh, vibrant and engaging.  Our religion is not something we do or a club that we belong to.  True religion is a walk, a relationship and a constant interaction between the believer and our God.  Mary´s testimony goes straight to the ones who walk and talk the most with Jesus.  She brings her experience to fortify their faith and strengthen their bond with the Lord.  Her faithful sharing of the touch of Jesus brings Her Master into the here and now.  It engages everyone that will hear!  It is what we all need!  It is Jesus alive and moving amongst us today!

Do we need to tell the world what we have experienced of a risen Saviour?  Yes!  Should we encourage new believers to fill themselves with hope in what we have seen in our lives?  Definitely!  But what every child of God needs to know right now is that the One Who came to bring God´s love and pardon to us is moving again!  What we need to testify to those who will listen is that Jesus is here and can be sought!  He is going to God!  He will show us the Way!  He is not distant or removed!  Our part is to fill our entire vision with Him and share the news with those He will send us to.  Shall we open our ears to hear Him?  Shall we fill our sight and our hearts with Him?  Then shall we faithfully and joyfully share with everyone who needs to know that we have experienced the Living Son of God?

Dear Jesus,

Please do not let us ever forget that You are alive and moving.  Visit us again in the still of the morning.  Thrill our hearts with what we experience of You!  Then let us also go tell those who need to know that You are here!  Let the world be encouraged by our testimony to the encounter we have with You!  But most of all please do not leave us without that time with You!  Let us put anything we have to aside to seek those precious moments with You!  Help us to love and need You that much today we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg

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