Let Go?

Let Go

Jesus said, “Do not hold on to me, for I have not yet returned to the Father. Go instead to my brothers and tell them, ‘I am returning to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.’ “  John 20:17 (NIV)

As Jesus speaks to Mary His words pierce right into her soul.  The clouds part inside of her and her whole being realizes that this is her Saviour.  She is overcome.  She latches on to Him.  A poor searching soul has found her Master!  Mary finds herself in the Presence of Jesus!  With all that she is, she clings to Him.  We could think that this is all that Christ would ask of us.  But His words push us further on.  He directs our eyes once again to our Father.  He points us to God.  He tells us that this is where He is going.  By His words we understand that this is the proper turn of events.  Rather than another separation, He gives us this hope.  He tells us that He is going to be where we are yearning to be.  He is going to be with God!  He is going to be with His Father and ours!  So He commissions her to tell those who love Him.  Could His words speak to us?

As Christians we could think that finding Jesus is all we need to do.  In a Way this is right and good.  But instead of an ending, it is a beginning.  It is a destination for us in that we will never again want to be removed from His side.  But the commission of Jesus turns our finding Him into the onset of the greatest journey available.  It is here when we have finally come to Him and break through into personal contact that the real quest begins!  By seeking Him, we acquire His healing touch.  By believing on Him and taking Him as our Lord, we become truly His.  His sacrifice covers our separation from God.  It marks us as true children of God.  But we are not home yet.  Our Father is still waiting with outstretched arms.  He has many other children that He would have come home to Him.  We cannot stay on our knees.  Jesus´ brothers and sisters also deserve to know that we have found Him.  Others still need to know that Jesus is going to be with the Father.

Mary does leave the feet of Jesus and runs and tell the Disciples that she has seen the risen Lord.  But her heart does not leave Her Saviour alone.  Christ is bigger than a mere body of flesh.  God is everywhere!  His Son is with Him!  As Mary runs to do the will of her Master, she is placing herself right where she should be with Him.  She doesn´t leave Him anywhere!  She has her precious Lord!  She will have Him everywhere she goes, because she is where He wants her to be!  Marvelous?  Yes!  Mysterious?  Perhaps!  But a beautiful truth nonetheless!  When we are carrying out the wishes of Jesus, we can be just as close to Him in Spirit as when we are with Him on our knees!  We can be progressing toward our own being together with the Father.  We can let go of Him long enough to share the news with our brothers and sisters.  Could we get close enough to Jesus today that He can tell us what He wants us to do?  Will we too be assured our coming home to God when we gladly set out to do the task He gives us to do now?

Dear Jesus,

It all begins with seeking You.  Once we do find You though, please fill us with enough grace that we can, like Mary, gladly run to do Your will for us!  Give us those special moments in Your Presence so that we will know what You would have us do!  Most of all, tell us again that You are going to be with the Father and one day soon we can all come Home with our brothers and sisters to be with You there!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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