See Jesus For Ourselves

See Jesus For Ourselves

Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe.”  John 20:27 (NIV)

He is the unlucky one.  Thomas is not there when the others get to see Jesus after His resurrection.  He has his doubts.  Everyone else is all excited.  But he hides behind his own disbelief.  Until he gets to experience the risen Saviour, he will hold out.  He just cannot bring himself to bow to an ideal or an image others hold.  It is a true encounter that he needs.  He has to wait.  But Jesus does come even to him.  When Christ suddenly moves into their midst even behind bolted doors, He tells the doubting Thomas where to put his hands and his faith.  He tells him to touch.  He says turn the questioning eyes to Him.  He says extend those skeptical hands and place them on nothing less than Him.  He says leave our fears and doubts.  He says put faith where uncertainty once was.  He says see for yourself and believe on Him!

As the clouds part for Thomas he falls to his knees.  The only thing he can do now is repent from his lack of sight and lack of faith.  All he wants to do is adore his Master.  All he can think of is to praise the Lord!  Where do we find ourselves?  Are we even closing ourselves in somewhere to pray?  Have we left enough of our own objectives, aspirations and accumulated distractions to even place ourselves in a spot where Jesus can come to us?  Do we expect the Lord to waltz right in to our party, interrupt our TV program, or to surprise us by showing up at work?  How much time are we dedicating to seeking His face?  How hard are we reaching out to Him to touch and to feel Him here?  If we hold too tight to our disbelief that we will ever encounter a risen Saviour, then perhaps for us it is too late!

We love to blame Thomas for being a weak and doubting soul.  But until we have seen the Light of the World who are we to judge.  Once we can hear clearly Jesus voice then perhaps we could have something to say to another.  Once we gaze into the loving face of Christ, then we can lay our incertitude behind and encourage those around.  When we experience His terrible scars then we will feel for those who suffer.  Once we come into the very Presence of the Lamb of God then we will surely bow to Him and fill our lips with praise.  Is this where we are today?  Is this even where we want to be?  Perhaps we need to examine our hearts to see how much of the Lord we are experiencing right now.  Perhaps we may discover some ground to be gained with Him.  Perhaps our hearts will learn what it is like to hunger and thirst for a glimpse of Jesus!  Perhaps we could leave our doubts and fears and put ourselves where Jesus can come to us today!  Come on Thomas, listen to Jesus!  Come on all us Christians!  Let´s hear His voice and reach out for Christ!  Come on soul, see Jesus for ourselves!

Dear Jesus,

Help us to put down our doubts, our fears, or anything that would hinder us from experiencing You today!  Even though we may have to wait, let it be the only thing on our minds!  Let us yearn and burn inside until the day You break through into wherever we are!  Come to us now!  Come into our lives!  Come in to walk and talk with us!  Give us the strength to reach out and believe!  Give us the strength of faith to see You for ourselves!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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