Blessed Hope

Blessed Hope

Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”  John 20:29 (NIV)

What is hope?  How much of a part does it play in our spiritual life?  How big of a part should it play in the life of a Christian?

Thomas does not believe it straight away when others tell Him that Jesus has risen from the grave.  He just can´t see how Christ could be alive and moving again.  It may be impossible to know all that Thomas is thinking.  But we can surely relate to him.  We each have our doubts.  There are some things we hear about Jesus that we have a hard time picturing.  There are many things about God, our future home with Him, and the blessings promised to us through the Bible.  Even those with the greatest ability to imagine struggle to make these truths come alive to them.  We may believe in them theoretically.  But does it require a stronger faith to believe that all that is promised will actually come to pass for us?  Does it require a fair amount of hope?

The Holy Scriptures teach us of hope.  We hear that those who hope in the Lord will have wonderful and mighty things happen inside and around them.  Could it be that our faith is built mostly upon how much hope we are placing in those things we just cannot see?   Could hope be one of the greatest pillars upon which we could build our lives, build our characters and built our overall way of thinking?  We don´t need to be able to visualize all those things written in the Bible.  We don´t need to be able to trust completely that what is promised will come to pass.  But what we can do is place our hope upon the Lord!  We can set our hearts on Him and give Him the benefit of the doubt.  Where we come up short, where we just don´t see, we can leave those matters to Him because He has told us it is in His plan.  Hope does not need proof.  Hope does not require our ability to visualize or even to understand.  Exercising hope can be done by anyone who so desires.  Hope can be used by the simplest of heart.  Hope does not ask us to heavy thinking or be able to rationalize God.  Could hope be one the most gratifying ways to approach the Lord?

God is infinitely greater than anything we can define.  Not all the greatest thinkers in the world together could come close to figuring out all that God Is or can do.  He is the Almighty!  He is the Alpha and the Omega!  He is the creator of all things seen and unseen!  To say we can get our heads around all that God is or all that He is capable of, would be a lie.  But He has told us so much about Him.  His Son is the same.  We just can´t fathom all that Christ means for us.  But we can have hope!  Each one of us can have it!  Some may want to have hope more than others.  They are the blessed in the sight of the Lord.  Jesus never asked us to figure Him out nor find proof for anything He teaches us.  But He has placed His blessing upon those who place their hope in Him.  Jesus blesses those who have not seen, and yet have believed!  Shall we be those blessed few?  Shall we put our hope in Him today?

Dear Jesus,

There is still so much that we need to learn about You, Your plans for us, and our Heavenly Father.  When all that is to be revealed is finally revealed, we know that we will be blown away with the wonders of what we will experience.  Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard of those wonders.  But we will put our hope in that You will be right there by our side to hold our hand.  You will hold us up!  Let us have that hope today!  Bless us with hope now we pray! 


by S.D. Wonenberg


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