Have Life In Jesus

Have Life In Jesus

But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.  John 20:31 (NIV)

Jesus does many more miraculous signs we are told.  Many of these are not written down for us to read.  John tells us that He records some but for a very specific purpose.  Indeed, information is only information unless it goes on to serve a purpose.  Data can be piled up without limit.  But unless there is a purpose found for all that data, it serves only to increase the pile.  Mountains of information can be gathered and built up.  But they are still only mountains unless someone somewhere can make something useful out of it.  So it is with religion.  So it is with Christ.  And so it is with our soul!  But what do we do with our information?  Has it found for us this promised life in Jesus?

Christ is faithful to God.  Jesus comes on a mission.  He comes to show us the Way.  He comes to bring us again to God.  He comes to be our Way.  He comes performing marvelous miracles.  He comes teaching wonderful news.  All that He brings us is stacking up into a mountain.  All that we accumulate and all we experience with Jesus is stacking up into a mountain of useful things.   We can climb this mountain.  But are we doing just that?  Are His miracles doing their trick within our hearts?  Are the teachings of Jesus bringing us closer to Him?  Is everything that we learn of Jesus lifting our sights surely to God?  Are we coming closer to the Lord?

The teachings, the miracles and the loving sacrifice can all work their wonder inside our hearts.  We have been living dead to God, dead to all.  We have been living only for ourselves.  But the Apostle tells us that we can have life.  Jesus too tells us that we can have a fountain of life welling up inside of us.  We can spark to a new life.  We don´t have to live only for our pitiful little selves any longer.  We don´t need to go on living for what we can accumulate, hoard or gain in our time here on earth!  We can be quickened to vibrant and meaningful life in Jesus!  We can wake up to a new kind of living that has everlasting purpose!  A new age can begin right now where we truly live with the Lord, for the Lord and in the Lord!  This kind of life, where created being meets its Creator is true life.  This life eternal that Jesus, prophet and apostle speak of is real living!  This life that Jesus is for us in unending!  It is uplifting!  It makes our spirit soar!  It lifts us up with the angels!  It floats us high up into the heavens!  It brings us right into the Presence of God!  And that is where our life was meant to be!  This is Life!  This is what Jesus brings!  This is where we should be!  Do we really want to live like this?  Do we want to have life in Jesus?


Dear Jesus,

As fledglings in spiritual matters we are slow to learn.  We turn our attention to so many different things.  We try to make our lives amount to something, anything.  But we don´t see and we refuse to accept that true living is right before our eyes.  We can have You.  We can be with You.  We can come to know You!  And with our coming to know You comes true life.  So give our heart wings!  Let us fly to You!  Let us come surely into the most fulfilling and wonderful loving embrace of our lifetimes!  Let us come and live in You.  Let us have life in and with You we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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