Jump To Be With Jesus

745a Jump

Then the disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, “It is the Lord!” As soon as Simon Peter heard him say, “It is the Lord,” he wrapped his outer garment around him (for he had taken it off) and jumped into the water.  John 21:7 (NIV)

They are not too far from the shore.  At Jesus´ words the Disciples change their standard practice and find that it is abundantly more beneficial to follow Jesus´ urgings that to struggle on the way we do.  Miracles happen!  More than a boatload of fish is caught in a single cast of the net!  As the wonder of Jesus begins to dawn upon some, Peter hears that this is the work of the Lord.  His Master, His Friend, His Love is here!  He can wait no longer.  He jumps!

We float in our vessels upon life´s waters.  The sun is surely rising.  Jesus is calling to us.  Is He asking us to try something we have not tried before?  Is He asking us for a leap of faith?  Could Jesus once more be beckoning to us to throw our net in a different direction than the customary?  Could He be saying once again to get out of our ruts or the old routines?  Is He urging us upwards from our traditional ways of worship or the way we pray?  Would He have us come closer to Him, than what we are settling for now?

At just the mention of a chance to be with His Saviour, Peter wastes no time!  He leaps up in his haste!  He jumps at the chance to be with Jesus!  He dives headlong into the water!   He strikes out for that shore where His blessed Lord is!   Does this description of Peter and His faith, fit us today?  Where are the Christians who are leaping at the chance to come to Jesus?  Who is diving into the water no matter how deep in their urgency to be near Him?  Who would leave the safety of the boat with all the others looking on, to worry about their nets?  Who amongst us is this moved to hear the call of our Lord?  Who is striking out over depths unknown in the hopes of making it to where Christ is?  Who just cannot contain themselves in this moment of excitement?  Who is it?  Is it us?


Dear Jesus,

We have floated on these waters for a long time.  We are tired of the cold night and these hard benches.  All through the night we have brought in nets that are empty and meaningless.  But the Light begins to shine.  Is this Your voice that is floating to us through the stillness?  Can it be?  Could we be so blessed as to have a chance to come closer to You?  Let us give ourselves to make all haste!  Let us waste not one more second!  Let us throw ourselves into this chance of coming unto You!  Let us strike out over any depths to be with You now!  Let us leap at the opportunity we have today!  Let us jump at Your call and come without delay into Your Presence now we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg

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