They Know Jesus

746 They Know Jesus

Jesus said to them, “Come and have breakfast.” None of the disciples dared ask him, “Who are you?” They knew it was the Lord.  John 21:12 (NIV)

The Resurrected One prepares them breakfast on the shore of the Lake.  The weary fishermen pull their vessel to ground and accept Jesus´ invitation.  There is a fire burning lifting the smell of bread and charbroiled fish up into the early morning air.  Hearts burn within as the men count their catch and bring some to add to the offering.  The Saviour is here!  He is moving amongst us!  Nobody in the group needs to ask Him Who He is.  The Friends of Jesus know!  Those who have walked and talked with the Lord so long need not question.  Their Companion is real.  The Master is Someone Who they are used to having around.  He is welcome Company.  He is a trusted loved One.  In the serenity of early dawn do we also find it to be true too?  The Disciples do not need to ask Jesus Who He Is.  Do we?

Perhaps if we have not taken the time to sit and listen to Jesus, we might not recognize Him when He does move in our lives.  If we have not made sure that we get into His Presence, His warm friendly gestures today might be lost.  If we have not heard His teachings personally and let Him explain them to our hearts, then these hearts may not burn within as they recognize our Master´s voice.  Should we really think that we will get another day somewhere in the future where the Heavens will part and we will see the glory of the Lord?  Or will we need to be real accustomed to these quiet moments together with our Saviour?  Should we learn to seek Him constantly each day?  Should we treasure each and every chance to be with Him?  Could we share our meals, take long walks, and find time to gaze upon Him?  Will these be the things that will help us recognize Him in our lives today?  Will they assure us now and in the days to come?  Will they say of us one day that we did not have to ask?  Will we know it is the Lord because of the closeness we have shared all along?

We have been told that there is coming a day when we will be put to the question.  Some will pass.  Others will not.  Some will go on to spend eternity in the Presence of God.  Who will they be?  Will they that group who wore certain clothes?  Will it be those who sang this song or the other one?  Will it be those who walked according to stricter rules?  Or will it be those who walked alongside our Saviour Jesus Christ?  When all is said and done, will the chosen few be a handful of tired yet burning souls who recognize their Lord without having to ask?  Will the blessed who enter Heaven and come to the feet of God, be the precious friends who know Jesus?

Dear Jesus,

We love to complicate our thinking and everything that stems from it.  We make a lot of our faith and how we should walk here on earth.  But today Lord please let us lay down our fuss and bustle.  Let us take You up on Your invitation.  Let us come to dine with You in the still sweet moments of our day.  Let us seek these chances to be with You more than the air we breathe.  Let us get real accustomed to sharing these precious times in Your Company so that we will always recognize when You are near.  Let us come close to You and know it is You here with us now without even our needing to ask!  In Your name we pray!



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