Time Is God´s Too!


Time Is God´s Too

He said to them: “It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority.  Acts 1:7 (NIV)


Jesus has paid for our chosen distance and separation from God.  He has risen from the grip of death.  Now He gives His last vital instructions and parting Gift to His chosen.  But the curious want to know when?  We always jump forward in our haste to receive the promise.  We are like impatient children asking when will we get there.  When will Jesus set up His Kingdom?  When will all that God has promised be fulfilled?  When?  When?  When?

As gentle as ever Jesus tries to help us see that all is in inconceivably big and capable hands.  We need not worry that prophecy will come true.  We need not worry how it can be.  We need not worry when it will come to pass.  God is working out His plan!  He is more than capable to provide all that He has promised.  He will never be hastened by petulant children.  Our part is to trust.  We show our love and grow our faith in taking our confidence in Him and His Word.  If He says it, it is sure!  In God´s hands is a good place for even time to be!  Could we demonstrate our childlike faith in Him?  Can we rest assured that He will gather us up into His arms when He knows best?


Dear Father,

We are Your restless children.  Some turn away to other interests.  Some fidget and moan.  But our hope will rest in You!  Bring to us what You promise in Your time!  It is better for us to trust than to have things when we demand.  Grow our faith.  Set our eyes on the Heavens and our hearts on You alone we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg


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