Who Call On The Name Of The Lord

Who Call On The Name

‘And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’  Acts 2:21


Peter is quoting the prophet Joel.  He is talking about the signs and the great day of the Lord.  He mentions some important points of reference then gives this rule by which the saved will be found.  It will be those who call on the name of the Lord.  Do we have it clear now?  Do we know who that is?  Is it the Methodists?  Is it the Evangelical Churches?  Could it be the Catholics?  There are a lot of people these days using the name of God, Jesus, Christ and the Holy Spirit.  But which are the ones that will be saved?

Before we start a riot and everyone throws their dirtiest blows, could we first take a look at ourselves?  Before we call ourselves clean, could we examine our own hearts today?  Before we make our own judgment call on who has studied up on the subject better than the next, could we look to see who we call upon every minute of every day?  Is it the Lord we look to or is it us, our church or the expert of the moment?  Before we make a hasty call, shall we call on Him now?  By humbly turning to Him, will we stand a better chance?


Dear Lord,

We want to be among those who are saved!  But we hear that we will need to know You well beforehand.  Help us come to You now.  Let us come to You always and without reserve.  Let us call on You to be next to us now and for all eternity to come!  Let us be those so intimately bonded with You that we know Your name and You know ours perfectly well!



by S.D. Wonenberg


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