“Now, brothers, I know that you acted in ignorance, as did your leaders.´ Acts 3:17 (NIV


Peter brings attention to the part all have played in the plan of God´s redemption.  He lets all know the blame that rests upon us as a people who needed saving.  Our tendency towards ourselves and not toward God is what needs to be paid for.  But Peter also shares that many of the crimes against the God have been done without realizing we are committing our treason.  Even killing the Son of God was thought of by some to be doing a favor to God.

God has been able to use part of our ignorance to further His plan of salvation.  But it is not the Lord´s plan that we continue to reject, overlook or ignore Him.  So then what should we think of our lack of understanding?  Does it have a cure?  Can it serve any good in the eternal plan of God for us?  If we are able to see that we lack sight into the mysteries and wonders of God and His plan, then will we be able to do something about it?  Will we be able to approach One Who can guide us?  Will we look for Someone to lift our sights and direct them once again towards the God Who made us?  Will we need Jesus?  Will we be able to recognize our trespass and seek our Saviour?  Will we be able to use our ignorance to bring us to seeking again the favor of the God we serve?


Dear Lord

Our distractions from You prove our guilt.  Let the ignorance of our part in Jesus´ death bring us to seek You intently.  Let us seek salvation now!  Let us come to You for forgiveness!  Let us seek Your Presence now we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg

Author´s webpage:  sdwonenberg.com

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