Fulfilling The Foretold

Fulfilling The Foretold

But this is how God fulfilled what he had foretold through all the prophets, saying that his Christ would suffer.  Acts 3:18


In Peter´s speech to the people can we read important facets of our faith?  God promises and God fulfills His promises.  Scripture foretells and then those words come to play out in the world we live in.  Peter is talking about Jesus.  The same people Jesus came to save are the ones who put Him to death.  But through their awful treatment of Him, God´s word is fulfilled.  As Christians today, what do we do with this kind of knowledge?  What has God and His word taught us about what we are living out now?

We have learned much from the Bible.  But do we keep present the fact that right now we are living out what we have learned?  Do we know that God´s plan for us today is part of the whole scene of salvation?  Do we realize that God has told us what is important for us in this instant?  Our reaction with be the determining factor.  God is fulfilling now His work in our lives.  Should we keep this in mind as we go about our day?  Should we keep present that what we are living out now is how God fulfills the foretold?

Dear Father in Heaven,

We know that You are at work today!  Fill us with an awareness of just how and where.  Much we have learned from Jesus about where our priorities should be.  Now help us to keep present the fact that this is how You work.  Right now, here today we can be on the positive side of Your promises or not!  Help us see!  Help us understand!  Help us stay close and seek You with all urgency now we pray!



By S.D. Wonenberg



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