Who Does Not Listen

Who Does Not Listen

Anyone who does not listen to him will  be completely cut off from among his people.’  Acts 3:23 (NIV)


Who are they who do not listen to Jesus?  Who are the ones who do not listen to hear from God?  Are they the ones that refuse to call themselves Christians?  Or could they even be some of those inside the church?  Could they be people who for all outward appearance follow the teachings of Christ?  Could the very people who sit in pews each weekend and send their children to private religious schools, even be some of those who do not have their ears tuned to hear the voice of the Lord?  Could the loudest advocates of Christian faith even need to examine our zeal to see if we truly are listening for God?  Is God directing us or are we acting out on our own agendas and our own secret desires?

The true Christian becomes heir and receiver of many a marvelous gift from above.  But even the purest saint needs a Saviour.  We all do!  We all need Jesus!  We need His help and His guidance for us in every given moment, not just the day we were converted.  Shall we make a fresh effort each and every day to make sure that our ears are open to hear from Him and that we don´t find ourselves not listening?


Dear Jesus,

Teach us to listen even still today!  Teach us to hear, to truly hear You!  Help us make an effort to distinguish Your instruction and Your encouraging throughout our lives and throughout each and every day!  Help us now be among those who are listening for You even now we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg

How do you make sure you are listening?  Can you hear His whispers?  What is the Lord telling you now?  Please tell us all!


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