Oppressed For Good

Oppressed For Good

If we are being called to account today for an act of kindness shown to a cripple and are asked how he was healed,  Acts 4:9


Does it seem strange that the world hates followers of God?  God has called all men but only a few see the love and beauty in Who He is and all that He stands for.  Those few want to be like their Heavenly Father in some way and have His love flowing within them too.  But the world reacts harshly to our faithful acts of kindness.  The Christian has always been under attack from all sorts of evil-hearted people.  But does it have to be like this for us?

The authority on the issue for the Christian is Christ.  We look to Him, His example, and what He teaches.  We see what the world did to Him.  We see how He was received by the worldly-minded and the people-oriented not God-oriented church.  We hear His call for us to be prepared for the same kind of treatment.

When we find the wind blowing in our faces for trying to be better people, for helping and caring for others, what attitude should we seek?  Will we stop loving others?  Will we shy away from doing good?  Or will we step in close behind our Saviour?  Will we try and get so close to Him that His strength will protect us?


Dear Jesus,

We are aware that the world will not understand our need to love, to sacrifice and to try and be more God-like.  Please draw us into an intimate walk with You so that by being near You we may find comfort, encouragement and Your help we pray


By S.D. Wonenberg

Has the world been cruel to you?  Do you think that God may be telling you that you are closer to Him than the world wants to know?  Please write a comment and let us hear your thoughts.


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