Angels Open Doors


But during the night an angel of the Lord opened the doors of the jail and brought them out.  Acts 5:19  (NIV)


Man cages them up and God sets them free.  They go to tell the world about Jesus Christ and what He came to do for us.  Some people are not happy so they lock them away to stop them and their message.  But the Lord has other plans.  He sends His angel to open the doors of their prison cell and send them back out into the world.  It happened that night, is it happening still?

Has what God told you to share been barred somehow lately?  Is your message hindered or locked away?  The Disciples thought only of bringing God´s good will to His people.  Angels were sent to open the Way for them.  Could He still send us an angel today?  Is this what we are praying for?

If we are not petitioning the Lord for His hand working powerfully in our lives, could it be us who are putting His Word in jail?  Shall we come fervently today to God and ask Him to set His message free?  Can we ask the Lord to send out His angel once more?  Can we ask that the doors are opened so that we can share the Wonders of our God to the world around us now?


Dear Lord,

Set us free from our fears, opposition of the world, and all that bars us from spreading the word of You!  Send Your angel to open the doors for us to bring others unto You!  You work miracles in the lives of those who turn to You, let that be us here today we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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