No Stopping God´s Message


Then someone came and said, “Look! The men you put in jail are standing in the temple courts teaching the people.”  Acts 5:25 (NIV)


There is a difference between a human invented message and one truly from God.  Man can come up with unlimited amounts of frivolous nonsense.  But God directs hearts unto Him.  Everything else is a waste of time.  So when God decides that people should know of Him and where we should be in relation to Him, there is no stopping that message.  It is Heaven sent.

The important people of their time try to put an end to spreading the awareness of Jesus.  God has other plans.  They lock the Disciples away, God frees them.  They go right back to teaching.

If our message is something we have imagined or engineered, it is possible that we can be barred.  But if we encourage people to come to know Jesus, then what force will work along with us?  Will we have to stand on our strength or can we stand with all of Heaven to back us up?  The choice is ours.  Will we sell a lesser message?  Or will we share Jesus.  Only He can bring us into God´s Presence?  Will we choose to stand on our strength or to share a message that there is no stopping?


Dear Father in Heaven,

There is much that would stand in our way and try to hinder us from truly approaching You.  Give us Your heart and let us share that with others.  Help us share a message from You that cannot be stopped!  Let us share the Saviour we pray!


Note: Video is great.  Sounds like the voice of a normal servant doing his best, and the messages in the video are along the lines of our message today!

By S.D. Wonenberg


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