You Had Killed


The God of our fathers raised Jesus from the dead–whom you had killed by hanging him on a tree.  Acts 5:30  (NIV)


What a crass manner to accuse their accusers!  The Disciples point out recklessly to the jury of their own guilt in the death of Jesus Christ.  Crazy!  Insane!  Nobody wants to hear of their part in killing the Son of God!  But it is true!  Those insensitive souls had their hands and their hearts stained with the blood of Jesus.  It was a result of their actions that put Jesus to death.  And we are hardly better.  We are guilty too!  It is a direct result of our actions and where our hearts go that put Jesus on that tree.  He had to die to bring us clean unto God.  Do we want to hear it?  Would someone be insane to try and point out to us that we had Him killed?

We live in an era of refusing blame.  Nobody today likes to accept responsibility for unfavorable outcomes.  Unfortunately nobody is any more perfect that they ever were before.  We like to think we are better, more refined, or saved from our sins.  But the truth is that we all still need a Saviour.  We all need Jesus.  And we all are to blame for having God´s Son killed.  If we had never turned our backs on God, Jesus would not have had to die!  Would it help to repent?  Can every one of us gain some ground with Him now?


Dear Lord,

Forgive us for ever making less of You and where You want our hearts to be.  Help us turn now and make amends with You.  Help us give our entire lives to You to help pay for our wandering off and getting distracted with our own interests we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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