Update from our Charity Home for Children in Bolivia

When Rafaela* was 12 years old she got raped by her stepfather. Fortunately she did not get pregnant as 6 of our other girls with the same experience growing up in our orphanage with their babies. Rafaela was coming into our orphanage what was a blessing in disguise to her and to us as you will see if you read on. The stepfather then had to go to prison and the mother of 3 had to take care of the family alone. They struggled for some years not earning enough to feed the 3 hungry mouths adequately so the mother became diseased due to malnourishment. The 2 younger brothers now hardly get something to eat, living by some scarce alms of the neighbors. They are so undernourished and skinny, that the development is impaired. The brain cannot develop as it should when nutrients are lacking and the whole future of these children is misery and poverty. Many die of little sicknesses because the immune system is not strong enough. Meanwhile our dear Rafaela was developing into a special teenager who is appreciated on all sides, having best results in school, being a good example to the other children in the project and helping taking care of the smaller children. She is one example of the power of the gospel of God to change lives completely and the healing influence of love in the family. Since the orphanage consists of individual houses on our campus each having a loving and dedicated couple with up to 12 siblings, the children can experience real family life with mumi, daddy, hugs, kisses and friendly words. They have a short bible reading and prayer every morning and evening and learn to trust their saviour and pray to Him for help. Since Rafaela is also now a very loving young woman of 17 years old, she responded promptly when she heard a few weeks ago, that her 2 brothers are almost starving. They live hundreds of kilometers away, but when she got to know the dangerous and terrible state in which they have to live in she asked our director, if her two brothers can come also to live in our orphanage. We just have 2 more spaces for the 2 boys and the authorities are now doing the paperwork to admit the 2 brothers in need to us. We are blessed with a big farm where we grow organic vegetables in a big variety all over the year and so we can feed our kids with the healthiest food every day and teach them, how to grow food organically. Also every week we drive to the closest city Santa Cruz to sell more than 60 boxes of our fruits and vegetables to clients to sustain a big part of the financial needs of the project. This is the nice part of the story that makes us happy and motivates us to continue with gladness in this satisfying work. The sad part is: There are many more children out there as the 2 brothers of Rafaela, who are lacking a loving home, sufficient good quality food, education and security. Since the 2 brothers of Rafaela filled the very last places in our houses, we long for building another house, to be able to accommodate more children, who are endangered and need protection, care and love. If you know someone, who may help in finding a solution we would be very thankful for conveying this short story to them. May God blessyou

* Name changed to protect the privacy of our children

This story was written and sent to us by the founder of the children´s home in Bolivia.

Please refer to Searching For Christ´s  Missions Page where you can find out a little more about El Sauce.

Below I have placed a link to a Betterplace donation site.  There are very few people that we have reached for donations.  But if whoever is reading this could share the word about it then perhaps we could help in some way.  If you click on the link it will open up to where you can send money.  But if you copy the link then you could paste it and post it into your own facebook, blog, twitter or whatever other social media you are using.  

Please assist Searching4Christ ministries in helping this small orphanage in any way you can, even if it is just sharing on the information about the needy children of Bolivia.  We are not affiliated in any way except in that we care about their cause and would like to do something that will help them.

Thank you for your concern, prayers and any assistance.  God´s  blessings to all,

S.D. Wonenberg

Here is the link for donations.


click here to help_editado-1

You  can also follow this link to go directly the the foundation´s facebook page.

Fundacion El Sauce

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