Exalted Right To God


God exalted him to his own right hand as Prince and Savior that he might give repentance and forgiveness of sins to Israel.  Acts 5:31 (NIV)


Some struggle to believe Jesus deserves our prayers and worship.  Men have always had this problem.  They may give God the right in their minds to sit as Deity, but they can´t accept bowing before anyone else.  Do the Scriptures encourage their harder hearts?

Old Testament points towards Christ as King.  New Testament places Him as the One integral Piece that is needed.  God exalted Jesus to His right hand.  This is not near His feet.  It is not waiting on Him as a servant.  Christ looked to God for everything to set an example.  Now mankind is to look to Him.

If we have acquaintances whom we feel should look more highly upon Jesus, could we take an extra second to examine what others see in us?  If we could lift Jesus higher in our lives, might those we come into contact with have a chance to see just how exalted Christ really is?  If we could get close enough to Jesus, could His power and His working in us be more easily seen.  Then might everyone around see how great it is to experience that Jesus is exalted right up to God?


Dear Jesus,

Be exalted in our lives here today!  Be lifted so high in our esteem, our love for You, and our worship, that all those around may have the opportunity to see how wonderful and powerful You really Are!  Be our Prince, our Saviour our Lord!


byS.D. Wonenberg


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