Worthy of Suffering In The Name Of Jesus


The apostles left the Sanhedrin, rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name.  Acts 5:41 (NIV)


Oppressed, despised, locked away and beaten.  All they want to do is to share with others what they have found in Jesus.  But the zeal of the Disciples brings them into disfavor with men.  Their burning need to help others find their life in Christ drives them further out of place with many around them.  Are we experiencing anything similar?  Have we noticed that the world doesn´t want to hear about what we have found in the Lord?  Are we being shunned, ridiculed, attacked or abused because of our need to lift Jesus up?

The Disciples are able to go away with their bruises and rejoice.  They are so completely enveloped with their Savior that no pain or suffering is going to keep them from exalting Him.  Instead their joy only grows from being found worthy of enduring pain and disgrace for the Name they believe in.  Their trials only tie them closer to the Lord.  They find value for their souls through their suffering in His Name.  Oh, what strength of will!  Oh, what love for the Savior!  Oh, how Heaven must sing for the faith it finds in those worthy of suffering in the Name of Christ!  Is our faith and love for Jesus big and strong enough today to make us worthy too?


Dear Lord,

Be exalted over all the earth!  Be lifted up at any expense to our comfort or ease!  Find us worthy now to suffer as You did at the hands of those who will not bow to You!  Let us rejoice in anything that ties us to You, even suffering, we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg

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