When We Meet God


‘I am the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.’ Moses trembled with fear and did not dare to look.  Acts 7:32 (NIV)


He hears the voice of God.  It pierces the desert around the enflamed bush.  Moses´ curiosity drew him to approach this burning shrine.  Now as the awareness of the Presence of the Divine sweeps over him he realizes that in this wilderness he is not alone.  God is there!  God is here!  What an exciting and terrible thing it is for the barriers that hide the Lord from us to be finally removed!  Who can stand within that Presence and live!  Who can take it all in!  Who is truly prepared for their comfortable boundaries to be suddenly shattered when they realize the immeasurable reaches of our God?  Are we?

Moses trembles with fear.  He cannot look.  His encounter shakes him to the core.  It forever changes his life.  When even the smallest awareness has had its chance to reach our hearts the world can never be the same again.  The effect is frightening!  But it is exactly what the true seeker seeks.  Is it what we seek?  Who really wants to meet God today?  Who would be able to stand?  Are we ready for our lives to be put into that much of perspective?  Are we ready to tremble?  Are we ready for an experience that will change us forever?


Dear Lord,

Bring us to our burning bush.  Fill us with a yearning to meet You!  When we do come, overwhelm us with the realization of Your Presence!  Thrill and frighten us now we pray!


Note: Gotta love the ending of the song´s video!

By S.D. Wonenberg


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