The One Sent

the-one-sent“This is that Moses who told the Israelites, ‘God will send you a prophet like me from your own people.’  Acts 7:37


Moses heralds the coming of Jesus.  He speaks of a great Prophet.  This One is sent to us by God.  He points to Christ.  New Testament and Old blend together in harmony to direct our attention to the One Who can cleanse us and will bring us safely to God our Father.  How many people today like to think that only the New Testament speaks of Christ?  How many hearts here now have moved on past devoting ourselves to actively seeking Jesus?  Could we be guilty of not placing sufficient emphasis on the One sent to redeem us, teach us, help us and guide us?  Could we?

Stephen reminds the assembly of how the past pointed to Christ.  The Holy Spirit uses Him to show the importance people fail to place upon Jesus.  Now all these years later, we sing our flowery songs and listen to our sermons, but what is going on inside?  Are we going to miss an opportunity to direct our souls to the Savior?  Could we miss the chance today to lift Jesus higher?  Could we still, even now, fail to make enough of Him, His sacrifice and His outstretched arms?  Who can afford miss this chance now to embrace the One sent to us?


Dear Jesus,

Our Bibles point us to You.  Please place a burden upon our souls.  Let us burn for more of You!  Become the One sent that we cannot do without today!  Draw us closer to You and more dependent on You now we pray!


by S.D. Wonenberg



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