Good From Persecution


Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.  Acts 8: 4 (NIV)


Persecution breaks out against those who set their hope in Jesus.  They are driven off and dispersed.  These are desperate times!  But the faith of Christ´s real followers is not diminished.  Their testimony is not snuffed out.  The persecution only assists in spreading the Word of Jesus wherever they are driven.  Good comes from their persecution.  God turns strife into a Way to bring  needy souls into awareness of what Jesus can do for them.

Could we be living in times where those whose hearts ache to be with God are shunned, scoffed at or persecuted?  Are churches of shallow worship practices and regulated standards barring up the last hungry seekers after Christ? Could many Christians be in danger of losing the urgency and importance of where we stand with Jesus?  Are we being driven from high spiritual expectations by our modern religions?  Where are the real Christians who press past mechanical worship or lofty ideals?  Where are they that set their hope in Jesus?  Shall we pray that God can bring some good from any persecution we may face today no matter how subtle?  Shall we edge a little closer and pray that others can come to Jesus to find all they will ever need?  Can a relationship with Jesus still come to needy souls now who would benefit from knowing Him?


Dear Lord,

Today pressing into Your Presence is not the popular thing.  Let good still come!  Let people experience You through our encouragement and testimony even now we pray!


By S.D. Wonenberg


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