When People Pay Attention


When the crowds heard Philip and saw the miraculous signs he did, they all paid close attention to what he said.  Acts 8: 6 (NIV)


Word of Jesus is spreading.  Philip is driven to a town in Samaria.  The power and Presence of God is evident.  People get healed.  His message creates a stir.  Everyone pays close attention.  Can we say the same?  Are people being healed around us?  Are hearts opening to Christ?  Are miraculous signs of God´s Presence proving to all those we meet, that Jesus is near?  If not, when could this kind of reaction be found?  What could we do so that miracles happen and people pay attention?  Do we know or even care?

Is it possible that we have learned to conform to what we have found in the Lord?  Could it be that we have lost an important part of worship?  A new believer may be driven to seek the Lord with fervor.  But soon we settle into a routine or a comfortable mindset.  But do we think the Bible encourages any short of urgency?  Or do the entire Scriptures scream out to us on every page to make our devotion personal, crucial and of the utmost importance?  Do they drive us beyond all else and right into God´s Presence?  Do they ask for hungry and thirsting seekers of God´s own Son Jesus?  Could Philip have been one of these burning souls?  Could his message have radiated his utter love and nearness to Christ?  Should ours do the same?  Would people pay attention if it did?


Dear Lord,

Light a fire for You in us today!  Let us be consumed with our love and need to be right with You!  Let Your Presence in our lives be so evident that people pay attention and want You too


By S.D. Wonenberg


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