New Book Release


After considerable work in editing and formatting, we are happy to announce that our new book Finding Jesus Christ, it is now available on Amazon and in Kindle bookstores.  This is our fifth release and it is the second part of our examination of the Gospel of John.  Written as a daily devotional book to accompany reading of the Gospel of John and the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.  It is for anyone who would really like to make their relationship with God and His Son a vital and vibrant part of their daily lives.

We pray that this new book and all our publications direct our attention towards Heaven and help all who read to draw closer to our Lord in every way!

At Searching For Christ Ministries we are looking to branch out from our devotional books and possibly publish soon a book of uplifting quotes and phrases as well.

Amazon_editado-1                    Kindle

Your comments, suggestions and sharing are warmly welcomed and your feedback may greatly benefit others who would join us in looking upwards to our Lord.

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