Distorting The Truth

Distorting the Truth

Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them.  Acts 20:30  (NIV)


We have been warned that in our day men would distort the truth.  But who are these wolves that will not spare the flock of God?  Could they be the ones who don´t really have the Lord at the center of their hearts, their attention and their desires?  Christianity has fallen into many different hands.  Just like the days of Christ, we all still need a Savior.  We need to heed Jesus´ call.  Each and every one who walks the face of the earth needs to turn.  This means to turn away from our very selves and turn to God!  Anything less is to change what Christ came to share with us!  Could anyone accuse us of distorting the truth in our lives today?

We could say we follow Christ, but proceed chasing our own desires.  We could say we love the Lord, but permit ourselves to harbor some “harmless” sinful habits or thoughts.  We could declare our love for God, but leave no room for Him in our day.  We could encourage others to turn to Jesus, but not really know Him personally nor walk with Him every step of the way.  Should we be watchful, not only that someone has infiltrate our ranks, but that we may be distorting the Truth somehow by our own actions?  Shall we lay down our defenses and turn our hearts to Jesus now?


Dear Jesus,

Forgive us for ever trying to step out on our own.  Help us turn to You!  Help us seek You passionately, to never distort the truth, nor remove You from anything in our lives we pray!


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