Our Newest Book Is Ready!

Great news!  Our final book in the series of the life of Christ in the Gospels is now finished and ready!  It is already in the Amazon and Kindle bookstores!

Finding Jesus Christ In The Gospel Of John Part Three

Finding Jesus Christ In The Gospel of John Part Three takes us from John Chapter 14 through chapter 21.  We have worked hard to make each book short enough to keep costs down and serve as a great daily devotional to those who truly want to make their walk with the Lord into something vital and fulfilling.  There are 97 chapters covering our favorite texts in the Bible.  That is just over three months of deep, convictional studies for those concerned enough about their relationship with Christ.  We hope you all enjoy.  Once again we are trying to include this edition in all the book reader´s options on Amazon to make it available for free or for as low of price as they will let us.  We pray that the Lord is upheld and that souls are brought nearer to Him!  Enjoy!

S.D. Wonenberg

Searching For Christ Ministries

Click here to visit view on Amazon.

amazon           kindle



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