Founded In The Scriptures

Founded In The Scriptures

the gospel he promised beforehand through his prophets in the Holy Scriptures  Romans 1:2  NIV


Christians may be a lot of things and they may wear many different hats.  But one thing we could all have in common is that our foundation comes from the Word of God.  As we look at our faith from its very origins, this likeness should bring us a greater knowledge of the Lord and closer every day to Him.  Today our denominations group together and clings to their views.  But when we peel back our many colored coats, our source is the same.  Should, all Christians everywhere  embrace the same almighty God that the Scriptures teach us to know?

Unfortunately in the tree of this life there still lurks a danger that does not want us all to come together at the feet of our Lord.  This dark force would complicate our religions to the point of making it difficult, if not impossible for us to come truly unto Jesus.  Yet we have a powerful tool that can help us see past our differences.  We have the Bible to show the God Who is bigger than races, practices, and prejudices!  Shall we take up our Holy Word once again with an eye to see past our world and our limitations.  Shall we lift our gaze to the One Who is far higher than all that we can see with our earthly eyes?  Shall we pray that we are founded in the God that the Scriptures can still reveal to us today?


Dear Lord,

Make the familiar words come alive!  Unveil Yourself through Your Word unto us!  Found us in You as Your Scriptures open our eyes to Your Presence and Your glory we pray!



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