Set Apart For Jesus

Set Apart For Jesus

Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle and set apart for the gospel of God   Romans 1:1 (NIV)


The call comes.  It is the reaction to hearing that determines how far the budding Christian will go.  We start with mere notions.  We can have the most superficial knowledge of God.  But there are some who will press on.  These gems in the crown of Christ will heed their hearts subtle tug.  A deep pull within their soul will not let them rest.  God has stirred in them.  He turned His attention to them.  To them He sent His Son.  These precious ones respond to the Gift of Christ.  They are chosen by God.  They are the special believers that are set apart for Jesus.  Are we this kind of Christian?

Each of us will pursue the exact level of faith that we really want.  Those who want more, will do what it takes to have it.  They will seek.  They will search.  They will beg and plead.  They go to their knees.  They will fall to the floor.  They pour out their souls to the Lord.  They pray through tears to have more of Jesus given unto them.  They seek God when others settle for less.  What kind of believer should have more of the Lord?  The question we could ask ourselves today is how much do we really want to be set apart for Jesus.  Will what we do right now make the answer clear?


Dear Lord,

We turn from our busy world to seek You.  Give us hearts that desire to know You more.  Find welcome room within our souls to come and walk with us!  Let us never rest, but always press on for more of You!  Set us apart for You we pray!


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