God´s Power To Save

God´s Power To Save

I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.  1:16  NIV


Christians do not have to hang our heads because we bow them to Someone greater.  When we turn in faith to the All-Powerful One we turn to a Force that does not come from us.  It comes from a much higher and stronger Source.  Those who set their hope in the Gospel, have access to this power from above.  Those who believe God gave us His Son Jesus, can have access to the Father.  Our faith in the Savior lets God work in us!  Can we detect God´s power as it saves us and gives us a stronger relationship with Him?

Many may say that God exists and that He must be unfathomably mighty.  Yet do we purposely go beyond our declaration and seek to know Him and His strength as He moves in and around us?  When the Gospel has sunk in enough, we should see its effect deep within our hearts.  That is when we come to know real Power!  That is when miracles happen!  When we truly step out on the Gospel of knowing Jesus, we find God is here to help us.  His power saves us by drawing us to Him.  Then comes our closer relationship with the Lord.  God´s power saves us from walking without Him!  Shall we pray God´s strength will not let us lose any moment we could have with Him now?


Dear Lord,

Save us now!  Save us from ourselves and a world of darkness that would not let us have You!  Let us believe in Jesus until His Gospel  unleashes Your Power  to be with us we pray!



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