For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened.  1:21  NIV


Our first mistake as Christians is to look at others.  Our gaze should be on One more worthy.  We are not called to look to ourselves.  We are not saved to put ourselves above our neighbor.  We are called to examine where our hearts are in relation to God.  We are to remove the distance we permit between us and the Father.  Everyone who knows of the Almighty is downright foolish to let their hearts ever hide away from Him in darkness.  This includes us!  Are we aware that we at times, are foolish and turn our hearts from God to some lesser distraction of our own?

This is why Christ has been given; to direct us again to our God.  He is to be the Way we have to come clean before the Lord.  It is dangerous to downplay Him in any form.  It is nothing short of foolishness on our part to overlook our relationship with Him in even the tiniest way!  Shall we strive with all that we are, to overcome the trend of our race?  Shall we cease to do what all people everywhere have always done?  Shall we seek to let Christ live again in us!  Shall we drop everything and urgently look to have Him in every part of our day?  Shall we pray that Jesus may come to us and walk with us in all reality now and forevermore?


Dear Lord,

Help us not to be foolish!  Help us see past ourselves, our world and our distractions!  Let us make You as important in our lives and in our day as You want to be!


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