Conscious Of Sin

Conscious Of Sin

Therefore no one will be declared righteous in his sight by observing the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of sin.  Romans 3:20  NIV


When we know that we cannot climb into Heaven by piling up good works, it is easy to start thinking that we can relax.  We may take confidence in being Christians or knowing of Christ.  These are important decisions and mighty first steps.  But on our journey Home to God, they are just the first steps!  It is hard to open our Bibles and not become aware of our insufficiencies.  We can try not to see.  We can become experts in hiding from ourselves what we don´t want to see.  But an honest attempt to read the Scriptures will open our eyes to God.  In the Light of His righteousness we become conscious of our sin!  Are we coming to the Word each day for help in seeing how much we need our Savior?

Anything that brings us closer to the Lord can be good in a way.  Even our guilt can drive us to seek our Savior more avidly.  It was not good that we ever strayed, but if we become aware that we have, then the opportunity arises for us to come running to Jesus.  Shall we all bow before the Word of God today?  Shall we pray that the Light of Truth pierce our souls and drive us to seek our Savior´s healing power?  Shall we ask to be made conscious of any distance from God so we can come closer to our Lord today?


Dear Lord,

Open Your Word for us!  Let the Light shine into every dark corner of our hearts!  Expose everything that does not uphold You!  Help us to come more honestly to You for healing!


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