God Of All

God Of All

Is God the God of Jews only? Is he not the God of Gentiles too? Yes, of Gentiles too,  Romans 3:29  NIV


Christians rightly believe that they have passed from having merely an earthly family to having a Heavenly one too.  While we may still be allowed to maintain our relation to our family here, we may also gain a church family but most importantly and to our highest delight, we gain our place as children of God.  All God´s other children everywhere and from every age become our brothers and sisters.  This includes our Lord and King, Jesus Christ!  He is the first-born and our dearest relation that will make our seat at the Father´s table a reality for us.  Our new eternal family is enshrouded in love and we are blessed beyond words to be a part of God´s family.  But if we are not careful, could we overlook others and forget to embrace them as brothers and sisters too?

Out of every age people have stumbled over who forms part of God´s family and who does not.  Every religion has this risk of thinking that they are the select few and everyone else is somehow wrong.  It will take a sincere pursuit by each of us personally, to press forward in faith to assure our own seat at the Father´s table.  So we need to be extremely careful to resemble our Savior and the example of love that He set for us.  God is still the God of all!  Shall we set ourselves to resembling our family heritage and portray the love of God to all whom we come into contact with today?


Dear Lord,

Thank You for the invitation to be a part of Your family!  Help us now as we strive to reflect God´s love to all we pray!


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