Sin Not Counted

Sin Not Counted

Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will never count against him.”  Romans 4:8  NIV


We need a Savior!  We need help with everything about our existence.  We constantly cross the line.  We cannot blame Adam and Eve.  We all secretly listen to our own deviating voices.  We all let our interests shift away from God.  So it does us no good to blame anyone else.  Yet while we stand with no defense other than the Son of God, the Word tells us that there are some who´s sins are not counted against them.  Blessed are those!  Do we think we are amongst those few who´s sins will never count against them?

Today´s proud Christian today may have convenient texts ready to reassure us and congratulate us on our freedom from guilt.  But Christ never hides our guilt.  Rather He would have us see our need for Him.  The person who thinks he is clean will not come to be cleansed.  Those who accept their guilt and their need of the Savior´s atonement each day, will drive themselves hard to be right where He is.  That is the kind of honesty that will cleanse.  Any pardon we would give ourselves will not do!  Let us edge closer still today!  Let us need Jesus more!  Shall we pray that we are aware of our treason so that we become the kind of burning hearted seeker who´s sin will not be counted against them when what we have chosen to look for in this life is brought under the light of scrutiny?


Dear Lord,

Do not let us hide our guilt.  Rather use our repenting hearts to drive us harder after our Savior!  Let us come to You now for the pardon only the blood of Christ can give us we pray!


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