To Build Up

To Build Up

Each of us should please his neighbor for his good, to build him up.  Romans 15:2  NIV

It is far too easy to focus on ourselves.  As Christians, we are made aware of ourselves.  That awareness is important, but the reason it has value is so that when we see our need for our Creator and Redeemer, that we are moved to follow Christ and seek change.  We are called to think of God, to make Him the Object of our affection, and we are called to reflect His love.  This means we are to act like Him and to build others up.  Jesus lived, died, and rose again to life, all with this intention.  It is to be ours too if we love Him and would follow Him!  Are we making it our mission to build up others in faith and the knowledge of God today?

All Christians may hold the concept of helping others as a high and worthwhile goal.  But who is pressing forward hard enough to see it growing inside of us?  The way of the world is toward self.  Media, society and the decline of morals shift each day to a more self-oriented thought.  We think of ourselves before we think of the stranger, our neighbor, and nowadays even our families.  Shall we pray that the Spirit of God may enter us today?  Shall we pray in earnest to shift our desires away from self and set them once more on Christ?  Shall we ask to be like Him and work to build us and all others up towards our Lord and stop wasting precious time?

Dear Jesus,

Help us break away from our times!  Let us turn to You!  Let us follow You in the heavenly task of building all those around us up in You, and in truly finding our God we pray!



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